AW 2018/19


A dreamy mixture of red, orange and pink hues, Crystal Lava provides the perfect pop of color and warmth to an otherwise inky fall palette. Its oversaturated tones give the coating a tantalizing, almost erotic nature able to enliven any winter weather-ready piece.


Crystal Red Flame is bitter and metallic, and the perfect balance to sweeter, citrusier tones. A luxury brand staple, the rich scarlet shade of Red Flame gives a touch of opulence to every piece it adorns.


A chic setting for any color or coating, Ruthenium plating provides a subtle yet strong statement with its cold, chrome-like sheen that gives an underground, fetish-y feel to any seasonal accessory.


Greek for “crater,” Kratiras mimics the undulating surface of the sea floor as it’s continuously shaped by the current and unseen creatures that inhabit the deep. The stone’s uniqueness lies in its ugly-beauty, which provides the perfect twist to fashion’s fall and winter staples.


Inspired by the naturally occurring color of lapis lazuli, an intensely blue metamorphic rock used as a semi-precious stone since antiquity, Deep Sea is entirely unique and a market first. Its opaque nature gives Deep Sea a sense of maturity that feels almost augmented, making it an interesting yet elegant color staple for AW 2018/19.


Inspired by mythical sunken treasure lost long ago to the murky abyss, our glass Aventurine is speckled with flecks of gold intended to perfectly replicate the shimmer and texture of natural aventurine quartz. Stunningly smooth and with its creamy coloring, Aventurine is the ultimate in effortless enhancement.


The Hexagon cabochon was inspired by the effect created when light permeates water to dance on the scales of its sea creature inhabitants. The stone’s hexagonal shape and playful iridescence encapsulates AW 2018/19’s mood of overindulgence and our fascination with the hyper real.


A more washed-out version of its classic namesake, Smoked Sapphire is starker and eerily reminiscent of lake water. Its cold undertones give it an otherworldly feel, leading the imagination down a dark fanciful path, which coincides nicely with AW 2018/19’s anticipated catwalks.


The perfect balance of intensity and restraint, Erinite’s greenish-blue hue is both strikingly elegant and elusively intriguing. Its purposefully faded look gives the stone a natural vintage flair making it a sublimely must-have embellishment for any fall or winter wardrobe piece.


These cool Pearlescent hues play tribute to the submarine ecosystems that house fantastical and conceivably disturbing creatures still undiscovered by the human eye. Used together these colors create a wonderfully chilly palette, perfect for an after-dark adornment.


Like sunrays sparkle on the heaving waves, Crystal Pure exquisitely reflects the color of whatever lies beneath it. The stone’s absence of foiling allows the base fabric to shine through, albeit in a beautifully distorted manner that gives any garment or accessory a subtle yet interesting twist.


Though it’s widely accepted that symmetry is inherently pleasing to the eye, the chaotic angles of the Fantasy shape give it an intriguing edge that draws the viewer reluctantly in. Able to create endless geometric patterns, the Fantasy is a stone intended to make a statement.


Soft, light and flexible, our stunning Crystal Net is the first innovation of its kind and literally covers whatever it touches in authentic Bohemian crystal. Each piece is a customizable masterpiece of a combination of up to 10 different stone colors and sizes, allowing limitless possibilities and making the Crystal Net a high fashion frontrunner.


Tourmaline perfect blend of blue and green is one that has and never will go out of style. Its vibrant, sophisticated hue pairs well with a variety of colors and platings making Tourmaline the anticipated star of many AW 2018/19 runway looks.


A favorite color choice of respected jewelers from around the world, the sought-after violet-blue hue of natural tanzanite gemstones makes it one of the most valuable. Our Tanzanite is indistinguishable from its natural counterpart and its flawlessly icy tone makes it an instant cold weather classic.


A new take on the classic Princess cut, the 24-facet Buff Top Square is simple and sleek. Its smooth, polished dome and lasting durability makes the Buff Top Square a men’s jewelry favorite and is the perfect minimalist enhancement.


The scintillating effect created by our Snowflake cut’s 61 facets makes it a perfect stand-alone stone or focal piece. This unique cut is a market first and gives the stone a rich, luxurious aesthetic that pairs well with everything.


This long-demanded teardrop shape adds a sophisticated flair and touch of originality to any embellished accessory or garment it adorns. Paired with a variety of stones, from round Nacre Pearls to our wide range of Fashion Jewelry Components, the Nacre Pear gives any design that extra special something.


The classic Navette is in every designer’s repertoire and essential for creating leafy floral patterns. Its new lead-free quality gives it an even more brilliant sparkle that elevates any piece to the next level of refinement.


Perfect as a stand-alone stone or combined with other shapes, the Octagon is a time-honored classic and inherently bold. Now lead-free, the stone’s incandescent sheen makes it more captivating and more classic than ever.


Never out of style, chains are one of fashion’s most versatile forms of expression. Our now lead-free Channel is more dazzling than ever and the ultimate choice for creating chains that bedazzle.

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